Post Brexit Northern Ireland Protocol

Post Brexit Northern Ireland Protocol

Despite the Government’s assurances and indeed Boris’s personal invitation to pick the phone up to him directly, if told otherwise, there will be essentially be Customs Formalities to adhere to when shipping goods from the UK Mainland to Northern Ireland from January 2021. Although there won’t be any physical checks on consignments for delivery within Northern Ireland, or duty to collect, there will be the requirement to complete an Export Declaration and Safety & Security Declaration. Its unclear at the minute as to exactly what information will be required to complete the Export Declaration but our best guess is that it will be the same as any export to outside the EU / Customs  Union.

The Government have issued a questionnaire to be completed by any company or organisation that currently sells / moves products/goods from the UK Mainland to Northern Ireland. The form which can be retrieved from the link here gives the option to be included in Updates, which we would recommend that you tick.

The form must then be emailed to

We are obviously monitoring updates ourselves and liaising with Industry Bodies to have the most up to date information possible which we will share with our customers as required.

I have also included the link to Mr Gove’s paper should you require some bedtime reading

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