Brexit Update – July 2020

Brexit Update – July 2020

Irrespective of “Deal” or “No Deal” Brexit will generate an additional 200+ million customs declarations per annum. Expertise is in short supply and customs agency capacity is not ready for a five-fold increase in the volume of transactions.

We identified this issue early in the process and took immediate steps to turn a potential threat in to an opportunity to excel. We have partnered with a specialist 24 hour customs agency set up purely for the additional volume generated by Brexit.

Our customs department will manage the day-to-day needs of our cross border operations in the UK, Ireland and throughout mainland Europe. 

Additional data will be required for consignments destined for the Republic of Ireland prior to the shipment being collected. We can streamline this process dramatically by customers supplying us now with a number of key data fields. We have identified this as “Master Data” for which customers will have received an email giving instructions as to how to supply this data.

We cannot stress enough how critical this stage of the preparations is in order to ensure a seamless transition on the 1st January 2021


We have updated our Brexit page within the main menu of our website where there is more details.

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